4 Ingredient Chicken Pot Pie

This recipe is a wonderful addition to any day! Preparation time: 45 minutes.


15 ozpackage refrigerated pie crust (2 crusts)
10.5 ozcan Campbell's Chicken Gravy
3 cupscooked cut-up vegetables
9ounces cans each) Swanson Premium White Chunk Chicken Breast in Water, drained


Let the pie crusts stand at room temperature for 15 minutes or until they're easy to handle.
Place 1 pie crust into a 9-inch pie plate.
Stir the gravy, vegetables and chicken in a medium bowl. Spoon the chicken mixture into the pie plate.
Place the remaining pie crust over the filling. Press the edges to seal.
Cut several slits in the top crust.
Bake at 400F. for 45 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. (204 C)
Use a combination of sliced carrots, peas and cubed potatoes.