No-Bake Fudge Brandy Brownies

This recipe works wonderfully in all occasions! It takes 45 minutes to make the 16 servings.


1.5 Tbspsbrandy
0.25 cupsbutter
7 ozcondensed milk
1.25 cupsOreo crumbs (about 14 cookies)
0.5 tspsvanilla extract
1 cupchopped walnuts


In a pan, melt chocolate morsels and butter on low heat for about a minute or until completely melted. Stir occasionally.
Remove from heat.In a large bowl, mix Oreo crumbs (set aside a tablespoon or two) and walnuts.
Add condensed milk, vanilla extract, and chocolate mixture.
Add brandy and mix well. If you're feeling a little gutsy, add another half a tablespoon of brandy for a solid kick!Line whatever container you want to put it in with foil or grease it with butter and sugar. Press the mixture firmly onto bottom of container.
Garnish with Oreo crumbs on top.Refrigerate for about two hours and enjoy!