Shrimp And Avocado Salad

This recipe is great for any occasion! It takes 45 minutes to make the 4 servings.


The Shrimp
1.323 lbAbout of large tiger style shrimp (prawns/langoustine) peeled and cleaned
2x garlic cloves, crushed
x tbsp olive oil
Juice of lime
Salt and Pepper
The Salad
1 mediumThe leaves of Cos lettuce finely shredded
0.75basil leaves chopped
7.055 ozsweet corn
3x spring onions (scallions) chopped finely
1.323 lbfresh pineapple cut into small cubes
2x avocados chopped into cubes
The Dressing
3x tbsp olive oil
3x tbsp honey
3Juice and zest of limes


Firstly, to cook the shrimp, heat the olive oil in a pan and once hot add the shrimp crushed garlic and chili flakes. It is important to get the oil nice and hot (not smoking, just before that point) your shrimp should sizzle when added to the pan. Check the back of the shrimp and when you see the colour change about half way up, turn them over. Do the same on the other side. This should only take a minute to two minutes maximum on both sides otherwise you will get a rubbery result if you leave it too long. Squeeze over the lime juice this too should bubble and reduce.
Add a little salt and pepper, stir through, remove from the heat and set aside.
Mix the dressing ingredients together, check for flavour, adjust if need be and set aside.
Place all the salad ingredients in a bowl except the avocado and the salt and pepper. Prepare the avocado as you are about to serve otherwise it will turn brown. Once it is covered in the lime dressing, this will slow down the oxidization process and it wont go brown so easily.
When you are ready to serve mix of the avocado through the salad and add the dressing. Toss everything together. Taste to see if you need any salt and pepper.
Place your shrimp on top of the salad with the rest of the avocado and sprinkle/pour any residue from the pan over your salad in which you cooked the shrimp. This is great flavour, so you dont want to lose it.