Chicken And Mango Skewer

This gluten free recipe is a wonderful addition to any day! Preparation time: 45 minutes.


0.25 lbSkinless Chicken Breast
chicken stock cube
2 mediumMangos (Or canned mango slices)
1 TbspDry pepper (Chili flakes)
1.5 TbspsSuya seasoning mix
cooking spoon of vegetable oil


Chop chicken breast into cubes and place on sticks. Set fire to your grill or oven.
Place the chicken breast on the grill to heat up a little
Mix all your seasoning in a bowl with your vegetable oil.With a brush, smear the mix on the chicken breast on both sides.Flip occasionally as it browns till its cooked. Stack your mangoes after the chicken is done but if your mangoes are firm, you can grill them as well.
Serve on its own as an appetizer or with rice.