Kenyan Pilau

Follow this marvellous gluten free recipe to make delicious Kenyan Pilau. You will be enjoying this in 45 minutes!


4whole black peppercorns
4cardamom pods
4cinnamon sticks
4 tspscumin seed powder
2 clovesgarlic
0.5 tspsginger
1 lbgoat meat
1 smallonion
1.5 cupsRice ( you can use basmati rice)
Salt to taste
1 cupdressed shrimp
2 smalltomatoes
cooking spoon of vegetable oil


Season and boil the meat and set aside.Chop and crush all the spices and set aside.
Heat up the oil and sauté the onions till its golden brown.
Add the meat and allow to brown a little then add the spices, and the rice and the chopped tomatoes.
Add the shrimps and add 2 cups of water and reduce the heat and allow to steam.Consistently check it to make sure the water has dried and the rice is soft. Once the rice is soft, increase the heat and stir it to let all the spices be absorbed in the rice.
Serve with Kachumbari or any other salad.